How Long Does a Mac Logic Board Last?

The logic board in every Apple laptop or desktop computer is the main circuit board where components interact with each other. This maintains the normal operation of the computer. With a logic board failure, we can expect a loss of communication within the device and, eventually, a system crash. The CPU, the computer's brain, cannot send signals through the logic board, the nerve center, to the rest of the system.

As we already know, many hardware components don't last long. We can't predict logic board failure due to natural wear and tear, but it's still one of the factors that cause this failure. Unfortunately, at some point repairing your Mac or MacBook will no longer be a viable option and you'll have to look for a replacement. Some of them send us the faulty boards for us to repair or replace, and others simply tell their customers to send us the entire MacBook directly so that we can repair the logic board. You might find that your Mac was included in part of a recall because of the problem you're having; in that case, it might be worth resorting to a repair program.

This is a similar question to the one above, as you'll be evaluating whether spending money to improve your Mac might be smarter than buying a new Mac. Once a Mac is on Apple's list of obsolete products, you have little chance of repairing it if something goes wrong. Apple authorized service centers or local computer repair shops offer hardware services for your Mac by replacing defective parts. Macs come at a high price, so it's understandable that many Mac users want to postpone replacing them for as long as they can. We suggest that if your Mac is more than five years old, it won't be worth repairing it, unless, of course, it contains important documents or photos that you want to recover, in which case it would be worth considering how to recover these files. Most Apple Mac laptops have a GPU integrated into the logic board, so you can't take it out to test it on another desktop Mac.

Apple seems to be more interested in persuading you to buy a new Mac if it finds a faulty logic board in an out-of-warranty device than in repairing the logic board.

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