A Comprehensive Guide to All Mac Models

Apple has been producing Macs for many years, and the current lineup includes the MacBook Air, the MacBook Pro, the Mac mini, the iMac, and the Mac Pro. Other models have been discontinued, such as the eMac, MacBook, and iMac Pro. What makes a Mac a Mac is its operating system, MacOS, which has a long history since the first Macintosh was released. The Mac mini is the most affordable Mac currently available.

It's essentially a desktop computer without an integrated display or other peripherals. For your convenience, you'll find full technical specifications of all Macs and Mac clones organized by year of presentation. Apple has always maintained that the iPad and Mac should be separate devices, even though the iPad now functions like a Mac when connected to a keyboard and mouse. The Mac mini is also great as a secondary Mac in your home and can be incorporated into your home entertainment system.

According to Apple, the new Mac Pro offers three times more transcoding performance in ProRes than the previous 12-core Mac Pro with Final Cut Pro X. If you're more of an expert user than a professional, someone who knows their way around a Mac but doesn't use high-end applications, then the Mac Pro is overkill. Apple has since expanded its Mac line with other models such as the iBook and PowerBook (which became the MacBook and MacBook Pro) and the PowerMac (now known as the Mac Pro). Since their launch, Apple's M series SoCs have been released, with the M1 Ultra found in the Mac Studio (above) giving the Mac Pro a good boost.

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